Dec 022010

 Today AVG released update 3292 which has been known to cause some Windows Based Computers to be unable to boot.  If you have AVG 2011 installed it is recommended that you do not reboot your computer until you have applied an update greater than #3293.  It is also possible to remove AVG Free from your computer to fix the problem.   

For more information please visit the AVG site at: 

C3SD Inc. recommends Microsoft Security Essentials as your Free antivirus alternative. Available at:


Very Interesting Article on Microsoft’s Free Antivirus Solution Microsoft Security Essentials.  

Bottom Line:  Product is just a good if not better that the Paid alternatives.

CRM 2011

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Oct 192010

The next release of Microsoft CRM is right around the corner and we are looking forward to the many expanded features this release boasts.  Most of all is the tight integration to Windows SharePoint Services.  Out of the box CRM 2011 will allow the creation of SharePoint Document Repositories for each Account created.  There are also many new features centered around the Outlook Client.  Additional information each can be found on the following Microsoft Postings:  

Sharepoint Integration:

Outlook Client:

Update:  May 2011 – C3SD Inc. has upgraded our CRM platform to CRM 2011.  For additional details and and a demo please Contact Us.

Aug 112010

Please review our new Billing structure as C3SD moves to become a Managed Services company.

What is RSS?

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Jul 132010

This standardized format, also referred to as Really Simple Syndication allows an RSS Reader to download and display web content from a multitude of web sites.  Website creators can flag a listing of Updates or Latest Headline that can be checked by an RSS Reader.

In this day and age almost every blog and news worthy website has an RSS feed associated with it.  You can easily locate an RSS feed on a website by locating the RSS logo “ C3SD Inc RSS Feed”.  Subscribing to fee is simple and only requires a few clicks.  First click the “C3SD Inc RSS Feed” icon and then locate the link that states “Subscribe to this feed.”

C3SD Inc. RSS Feed

For More Information please see our posting at: 

SharePoint 2010

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Jul 132010

We just installed SharePoint 2010 for use internally here at the office. This version boasts many new features including the new SharePoint WorkSpaces which automatically synchronizes information from a SharePoint Website down to a Desktop or Laptop for off-line use. Stay tuned for a full write-up and case story about how C3SD Inc. utilizes this technology on a day to day basis.

C3SD Inc.’s new Logo

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Jun 262010

This past month C3SD contracted Jenelle Castelli to help re-design our company logo.

Here’s the result:

Jenelle has spent many years in the graphic design industry and is currently available to perform freelance work. For more information please visit her website: goes Mobile

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Apr 232010

Today we released the mobile version of the C3SD Inc website.  Now you can stay up to date while on the go. Simply point your mobile browser to   Works best with a Smartphone Browser.

Mar 302010

Windows 7 Is Here!

Today Microsoft has released its much anticipated Operating System Windows 7. I have personally used the new OS for the past 6 months and highly recommend it. Win 7 is easier to use, more reliable and faster than Vista or its decade old predecessor Windows XP. In addition Win 7 will run on any modern hardware purchased in the last 4 years. I wanted to take a moment to outline the various options available when purchasing Win 7.

While most will purchase Win 7 with a new PC, it will be important to understand where the PC will be used. Windows 7 will be offered in two main users groups: Home and Business.

In the United States, these two groups are further broken down into 4 major “Flavors;” Windows 7 Ultimate, Home Premium, Professional and Starter. Win 7 Ultimate will contain all the “bells and whistles” of the Operating System while the other 3 will contain a feature sub-set designed for a specific use. For a listing of each please see this posting at Engadget or the Official Microsoft Windows 7 Site.

From a business standpoint the main decision will be to determine whether the PC needs to talk to a server at the office and join a Domain. If either is a requirement, then Win 7 Professional or Ultimate will need to be purchased. The comparable versions in past Operating Systems were Vista Business and XP Professional.

Most storefront retailers (Staples, Best Buy, etc.) will offer their PC’s with Win 7 Home Premium, while Win 7 Starter Edition will be reserved for lower priced computers such as NetBooks. Win 7 Home Premium does not fully integrate with an office server but will offer a few Multimedia features that Win 7 Professional does not.

If a PC is purchased with Home Premium and later needs to be used in an office environment, the OS can be easily upgraded via the Control Panel, to Win 7 Ultimate for about $149. In contrast the Ultimate upgrade can also be applied to a Business PC that was purchased with Win 7 Professional and wants to take advantage of the additional Multimedia features offered in Home Premium.

Win 7 will support an upgrade from both Windows XP or Vista to it’s respected Windows 7 counterpart. The process will differ depending on which of the previous Operating Systems’ you currently utilize. If you wish to upgrade your current machine to Windows 7 please give me call and I will be happy to recommend the best plan of action.

For Home users Microsoft will offer a discounted Family Pack upgrade kit for $149. This Family Pack will allow the upgrade of 3 computers running a previous Microsoft Operating System to Home Premium. The Family Pack will not support an upgrade of Vista Business to Win 7 Professional, as the kit is meant to be a low cost alternative to upgrade your Home machines. (If needed one could then purchase the Ultimate Upgrade to allow the Win 7 Home Premium to be used in an office environment, but this may not be the most cost effective way to upgrade.)

I hope this email has provided a little insight into the options to move to Windows 7. As I mentioned above please feel free to give to me a call regarding an upcoming purchase and I will be happy to provide advice.

Thank you,

Your Dedicated IT Consultant
Michael Surmanian

Maintain Your Backups

C3SD would like to remind our clientele to take some time over the next week to check your backup device. Unfortunately one of the most common pieces of hardware to fail on a computer is the Hard Drive. If this device fails mechanically it can cost hundreds of dollars to dismantle and rebuild in order to recover data.

The simplest way to recover from a hard drive failure is to have a current data backup. However, data is only as current as the last backup performed. Please make sure your device is connected properly and has a current copy of data. C3SD recommends performing a backup of important documents at least once a week even if just to a USB Flash Drive.

Off-Site Secure Backup

C3SD Inc is proud to offer it’s customers the ability of implementing an off-site backup solution. This service plan combines the scheduling of nightly on-site backups to an external USB drive and an off-site backup via the internet for important company files. Additional information can be found at the C3SD Website.

Introducing C3 Connect

C3SD is proud to announce a new way to provide support to our Clientele, C3 Connect. By downloading a small application from the C3 Website, you can allow a technician to remotely control your PC to fix minor problems. In most cases this will allow support to be provided at even greater speeds, as an on-site visit will not need to be scheduled. The next time you have an issues keep this support option in mind.

Service Contracts & Managed Solutions for Small Business

We now offer our Small Business Customers the ability to purchase Managed Solutions Service Contracts for their IT needs. These plans were designed to help your business minimize downtime and increase productivity. The plans range from pre-scheduled visits each month to fully managed solutions or remote monitoring of your small business network. For more information please download this PDF or visit our website.

Stay Tuned!

Our next newsletter will discuss in-depth the new Windows 2008 R2 Server Operating System, features and deployment options. We will also discuss the release of Microsoft’s CRM 4.0 and SharePoint Server products.

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