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C3SD Inc. understands as a society we are slowly moving away from the traditional Business Network where Desktops and Servers interact with one another to an Internet based environment, where most people will utilize a variety of devices to access information 24/7.   The types of servicers offered are considered Cloud Services (Wikipedia)  because the data is stored on various redundant servers on the internet and is billed monthly based upon the resources required.  Over the past few years the “Push” to move more services into the Cloud has been accelerated with the greater emergence of Wireless Broadband Access, and Smartphone technologies provide by the major Cellular carriers. 

Most of us have used some sort of free “Public Cloud” service in the past.  Typically a user visits a website, enters logon credentials and is provided with information that is stored on the host. In a “Public Cloud,” the user’s information is stored on a shared server in-which other customers data may also securely reside.  A typically example of a “Public Cloud” would be a hosted webmail account such as Microsoft or Yahoo. 

A “Private Cloud” operates much in the same way as a “Public Cloud” does however data is not shared among other individuals or companies because the Remote Server only contains data pertinent to one client or customer.

There are many advantages for Business to move some or all services to the Cloud.

  • Your company and employees will have access to the latest and greatest software at all times. 
  • Your company may no longer have to manage your hardware infrastructure in house.   Instead these services are moved to a hosting company or data center where IT professionals such as C3SD Inc. handle all of the up keep and maintenance. 
  • From a Budgeting Standpoint, your business can move the IT Portion from a Capital Expenditure basis to a Monthly Operating Expenditure as services are billed per user of the system on a monthly basis.

C3SD’s Cloud Services division, was established provide a stepping stone for our clientele to move some or all of your day-to-day business activities into the Cloud.  What sets C3SD apart is the fact that we prevent Businesses from taking the leap into the Cloud alone, but allow you to do so with a trusted IT Partner.   We can help your business design a hybrid system where some services such as CRM are hosted in the Cloud while other such as Exchange Email remain in-house for compliance reasons,  to completing removing an in-house server during you next hardware refresh and moving all services to the cloud.

Because C3SD understands there are many different options for Cloud based services we have made the decision for our clientele easy by offering a set of services which we believe in.  Most of our Microsoft offerings are Hosted and Managed by C3SD on our company Servers, while we work with other major companies like Trend Micro for Managed Antivirus and RackSpace of Off-Site Backup. 

C3SD Inc. currently offers three different Cloud Service Platforms, each with their own distinct advantages.  Please use the links listed below for more information.  See our Cloud Comparison Chart for a side by side comparison and pricing for all offerings.

Partner Hosted SaaS Cloud Offering – Hosted by C3SD Inc., offering the same services as Microsoft but on C3SD Hardware and no minimum user requirement.

Partner Hosted Private Cloud Virtual Server – Hosted by C3SD Inc., offering Servers with Full Administrative Access and the option to install Third Party or Proprietary Software.

Microsoft’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud Offering – Hosted in Microsoft’s Data Center, offering access to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Live Meeting.

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