Microsoft CRM and SharePoint, which make up part of the C3SD Software-as-a-Service Platform, are two of the most Scalable business applications on the market today. Each can be used to tackle virtually any problem or create streamlined solutions between customers, management and staff that will make your business more efficient and effective. C3SD Inc. offers consulting services to help tailor the platform to your needs and that of your customer base. We offer a variety of pre-packaged solutions or we can help with a customize solution to specifically meet the needs of your business.

Working with your Team

C3SD Inc. has developed a four part process to help tailor our system to your everyday business processes. 

Step 1: Setup
During the Setup Process we work in conjuncture with your team to establish your web presence. We will create your custom CRM and SharePoint deployment. One copy of Outlook 2007/2010 will be provided to each user and we can aid in connecting it to the system. Upon completion of this Step your platform will be fully deployed. You will have full access to the system and be able to begin using it on a day-to-day basis. You will also be granted access to the extensive  Help & Support Section containing Tutorials and Training.

Step 2: Discovery Session
This on-site meeting between C3SD Inc. and your team is designed to help us better understand your current business processes and how to integrate it into your website, CRM and SharePoint. We will discuss “what is possible” and how we can best tailor the system to achieve your goals. Finally we will use this session to develop a custom WEB2CRM contact form so you may begin to obtain data directly from your website.

Step 3: Advanced Customization
This optional step provides additional time to complete customization work that was not completed during the Discovery Session.

Step 4: Teach In
This on-site session is competed once your system has been fully customized. We will walk your entire team through how to access the system, use it capabilities and how your business processes integrate using the new system. They will come away with a clear understanding of how they can affect the bottom line of the business and sales using the C3SD Platform.

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