Microsoft’s Software-as-a-Service Cloud Offering


Microsoft currently offers Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, MS CRM and Live Meeting as part of this hosted offering.   Your data is hosted and maintained by Microsoft in a newly built Data Center that opened in 2009. Through a Service Level Agreement they manage the servers in which your data resides and charge based upon the number of users which require Access. 

Advantages Include:

  • Services can be used separately or combined for a discount
  • Access to Microsoft Live Meeting
  • Servers are maintained by Microsoft Employees

Disadvantages Include:

  • Currently not much integration between the product suite
  • Shared Platform with Limited Administration rights.  As an example you cannot integrate custom code into Microsoft CRM. 
  • Microsoft charges for each service and requires a minimum of five users.  Currently CRM runs $45/$59 per user while access to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Live Meeting can be combined for $10 per user per month.
  • Microsoft Requires a 1 year commitment

For more information please visit the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite Website:

In order to begin using Microsoft’s Services you must locate a Microsoft Partner such as C3SD Inc. to provision your services.  If you are interested in doing so please review the steps outlined below.

Steps to Establishing an account with Microsoft Hosted Services

  1. Review the Microsoft Hosted Services site for the platform and package you want to sign up for.
  2. List C3SD Inc. (Partner ID:1608992) as your Microsoft Partner contact
  3. Work with C3SD to ensure your companies Domain & DNS entries are configured correctly to begin using the service.
  4. Work with C3SD to configure End User Machines.

C3SD Inc. charges a flat rate for the setup and configuration of Microsoft Hosted Services.  Please see our Comparison & Pricing page for details.

C3SD Inc. also provides consulting services and can work with your Business to help Deploy this or any other offering.

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