Partner Hosted Private Cloud Virtual Server


This offering provides your company with Full Administrator Access to a Windows Server 2008 R2 installation.  These Servers can be used to host a dedicated environment of C3SD Inc.’s. Partner Hosted SaaS Cloud Offering, or your Propriety software.

C3SD Inc. uses Microsoft’s state-of-the-art virtualization product; Hyper-V. to provide your company with a secure hosted virtual server environment.  Via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol and a secure Hyper-V Management Website this machine can be accessed and controlled from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  Because your company is provided full administrative access you can start/stop the server(s) as needed and install your own 3rd party or proprietary software.

A Virtual Server operates the same as a Physical Server that would reside in your office and can be configured with a variety of Hard Drive and Memory configurations.  The use of Hyper-V guarantees that your data will remain completely secure and separate from any other data on the Server as outlined in our Service Level Agreement.   

This product is targeted towards the customer that wants to run the most up to date software but does not want to purchase a new server and install it at their location. A great example is a customer who current runs the Microsoft Dynamics product Great Plains and wants to integrate the MS CRM / GP Data Connector.  C3SD Inc. can host your virtual CRM Server and via the GP Connector sync customer data between the server at your office and our hosted platform.   

Once setup and configuration is completed a management agent will be configured to alert your company of any issues that may occur with your server such as a hard drive reaching capacity or a service not starting.  While C3SD Inc. does offer a variety of Service Level Agreements  to cover the maintenance of your virtual server,  if an issue does arise you are free to contact an outside IT company to troubleshoot the issue or contact C3SD Inc. and have the issue resolved under an hourly business rate.

C3SD Inc.’s Virtual Server offering is offered in two configuration options.

Option 1: Private Cloud Software-as-a-Service Offering

C3SD Inc. can provision a Virtual Server for your company to host any or all of our Software-as-a-Service offerings.   With this option C3SD will install a Windows Server 2008 R2 (or earlier upon request) operating system and all required software for your deployment. 

Your company will be provided administrative access to the system and are free to install any 3rd party or proprietary software.  Unfortunately due to our contract with Microsoft your Company cannot install any item from the Microsoft Product line; however C3SD can license any SKU from the MS Product line on a per user basis.  Please contact C3SD for additional details. 

Virtual server access for our SaaS option requires a minimum of 5 users on our Basic Plan and will run an additional $95 per server, per month for a 4gb provisioned server.  A typical installation of MS CRM, SharePoint and SQL 2008 will require 2 servers for optimal performance. Additional GB of memory can be purchased for $20 per GB per month.

Option 2: Dedicated Virtual Server

This offering is billed based upon memory and hard disk space required.  A typical virtual server is provided with one 127 Gigabyte System Drive and one 250 Gigabyte Data Drive.  The first Gigabyte of Memory is $50/month and $20 for each additional Gigabyte requested. There are two Operating System and Software options.

Client Provided Software.   This virtual server will be provided to the client with an inactivated version of Windows Server 2008 R2 which will be usable for 30 days.  Within the 30 days the client is required to purchase or enter an active product key.  Once activated the client has the opportunity to install any software that is provided by the client.    The client is free to install any software on the server.

C3SD Inc. Licensed Software:  Through our parthership with Microsoft, as part of the C3SD’s Cloud Services offering we can provide your company the ability to install and run virtually any piece of the software from the Microsoft product line.  Each piece of software is billed monthly on a per user basis. As an example a server could be configured with server 2008, SQL 2008 and Microsoft dynamics Solomon for $65 per user.

Steps to Establishing a Hosted Virtual Server Account

  1. Determine which Configuration will suite your company
    1. Dedicated Virtual Server Private Cloud SaaS offering with option to install 3rd party Software
    2. Dedicated Virtual Server with Client Provided Software
    3. Dedicated Virtual Server with C3SD Licensed Software
  2. Contact C3SD Inc. to discuss configuration and Setup.
  3. Review, Sign and Return the C3SD Inc. “Hosted Web Services Terms and Conditions”
  4. Review, Sign and Return the “Setup & Configuration” Agreement that will outline exactly how C3SD Inc. will configure the Virtual Server.
  5. C3SD Inc. will provision and configure the Virtual Sever

For Additional information please Contact Us.

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