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This standardized format, also referred to as Really Simple Syndication allows an RSS Reader to download and display web content from a multitude of web sites.  Website creators can flag a listing of Updates or Latest Headline that can be checked by an RSS Reader.

In this day and age almost every blog and news worthy website has an RSS feed associated with it.  You can easily locate an RSS feed on a website by locating the RSS logo “ C3SD Inc RSS Feed”.  Subscribing to fee is simple and only requires a few clicks.  First click the “C3SD Inc RSS Feed” icon and then locate the link that states “Subscribe to this feed.”

C3SD Inc. RSS Feed

You will then be prompted to select your RSS Reader (outlined below.)  

Once you have subscribed your reader will download updated content so you do not have to visit the website on a regular basis.  This works very well for items like News Headlines and Blog entries.   In the two examples below each will “download” data from the C3SD Inc. RSS feed located at

RSS Reader

While there are many RSS readers available I will discuss the two main readers in available in Windows; Outlook 2007 & Internet Explorer 8.  I will also provide step-by-step instructions for adding the C3SD Inc. feed to each.

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 will compose your RSS Feeds in a standard web page.  Some users may prefer this viewer over others as the fonts are bigger and one webpage will display multiple posts.

C3SD Inc. RSS Feed

Viewing an RSS feed in IE8 is as simple as clicking the C3SD Inc. RSS Feed button and slecting C3SD Inc. RSS Feed.

Steps to add a RSS feed to Internet Explorer 8

  1. Locate the Feed URL:
  2. Click the “Subscribe to this feed” link
  3. Click the Subscribe Link
    C3SD Inc. RSS Feed

Outlook 2007

Personally I prefer to use Outlook 2007 as my RSS reader as it uses the familiar 3 column look to display the information.   

Located under your incoming mail is a set of folder named “RSS Feeds.”  As you subscribe to additional feeds, this list will grow.  Once you select a specific folder (C3SD Inc) the current posting will be viewable in the second column.  In this particular example I have selected the posting from April 23, 2010 Titled “ goes Mobile.” 

C3SD Inc. RSS Feed

The content of the web page is then shown in the third column of Outlook where the mail message is typically displayed.  If a full article is available a link will take you to the website.

Steps to add a RSS feed to Outlook 2007

  1. Select Tools and click Account Settings.
  2. Locate the RSS Feeds Tab
  3. Click New and Paste the URL of the Feed.  In this Case Inc. RSS Feed
  4. Click Add and then OK
  5. View your new feed in the list and click close. 
  6. The items will be located under your email folders.

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