Troubleshooting & Support


Are machines on your network not performing like they used to?  Does it take forever to open a program that used to only take a second?  Do you swear you saved your important document to the hard drive or network share but now you can’t find it?  Chances are your registry has become too cluttered with spyware, or even worse your hard drive may be beginning to fail. At C3SD Inc. we offer a wide variety of services and fixes for your problems.  Please take a minute to find out the ways we can help.

 Windows Server Installations and Troubleshooting:

C3SD employees are skilled and certified in all Microsoft Operating Systems and Server Platforms. We can assist in everything from adding a new Exchange Server to your network for load balancing to replacing a failed RAID disk array to implementing a fully virtualized environment.  Please see the Microsoft Windows section for a full range of services provided.

Desktop Optimization:

Are your business computers running much slower than when they were first purchased?  They may be in need of a tune-up.  Just like a car needs a regular oil change, it is also important to keep computers optimized.  Our technicians will clean out unused files and programs including pesky applications that contain “Spy-ware” from your system.  The result will be computers that runs much faster, guaranteed, or your money back.

Hardware or Software Failures:

Are your computers constantly blue screening, or wanting to send “Error” reports back to Microsoft?  Are your programs not operating like they should?  We can diagnose hardware and software problems for all makes and models of computers regardless of operating system. 

Backup & Recovery:

HARD DRIVES FAIL – IT’s A FACT…..DATA LOSS CAN OCCUR AT ANYTIME! Does your Business have a solid back-up plan in place in case of an unexpected emergency?   One hard drive failure alone can cause the loss of countless hours worth of work in an instant.  It is important, especially with the recent drop in the cost of backup hardware, to maintain a regular back-up schedule of at least once a week.  C3SD can help you establish a back-up routine that will meet the needs of your business.  We also offer a secure back-up plan via the Internet to an off-site location, which when used in combination with an on-site external backup system provides 100% fault tolerance.  This will protect your data in case of a fire, flood or other natural disaster that may affect your place of business.  For more information please visit our Off-site backup page!

Attention Laptop Users: Make sure to create a backup of important files before you leave on a trip. The majority of Mechanical Hard Drive Failures occur because the Hard Drive is “Shocked” when the laptop hits a hard surface during transit.

In the event your hard drive does crash please contact C3SD ASAP as we may be able to recover your data. Signs of a failing hard drive include loud “clicking” and blue screen errors during startup. If you feel your hard drive may be at risk please shut down the computer and Contact Us.

If your business is in need of a new server, Windows 2008 Small Business Server provides advanced backup procedures to make sure all your data is fully protected. Anyone in the office can retrieve deleted emails or files without having to contact IT personnel.  On a daily basis important data from the client machines can be backed up over the network to the server and in turn to external and off-site mediums. 

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