Hourly Break/Fix


Available to North County San Diego Businesses Only
As agreed upon by C3SD Inc. and your business, C3SD will provide onsite scheduled support at a discounted hourly rate for your contracted amount of hours. During these visits C3SD will ensure your network is operating properly, and all systems are patched and up to date. You may feel free to provide a list of items you would like addressed during this time, such as installing a new desktop or setting up a new user account.

In addition, monitoring software is configured on the Windows Server to send daily reports to C3SD. This allows us to analyze performance issues, such as a hard drive reaching capacity, or a service which is not operating properly.
In the event an unforeseen emergency arises you can rest assured knowing that C3SD will arrive onsite within the time outlined in your contract to fix the problem.

If the emergency occurs early in the month, remaining onsite scheduled hours may be credited towards the emergency onsite repairs. Any additional time required will be billed at the discounted hourly rate. Hourly service contracts are billed month to month but do require 45 day notice before the termination of the contract.

Example of Plan #1
Company: XYZ CORP running Small Business Server 2003 and a 5 Desktop network
Monthly Charge: $255– a $15/hour savings over the Standard Small Business Rate
Scheduled onsite dates: 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each Month @ 1pm
Time Onsite per Visit: 1.5 hours
Phone Support: .5 hours included
Daily Monitoring: Network & Server Status Email Reports
During the first scheduled 1.5 hour onsite visit of the month, C3SD performs normal network diagnostics and checks the server to ensure smooth operations. All Desktops are analyzed to ensure virus protection is up to date and all Windows Updates have been applied. The onsite and off site backup routine is checked. The tech troubleshoots one user’s issue with a shared folder. Instruction is presented to employee’s for accessing their VPN remotely and Outlook Web Access for remote email.
On the 15th of the month, (after one scheduled onsite visit has been preformed) XYZ contacts C3SD and informs us that a computer has lost connection to the network. Over the phone we unsuccessfully attempt to fix the problem. C3SD shows up within 2 hours and determines shortly there after that a chair has rolled over a network cord and cut the interior wires. The problem is fixed within 1 hour. The customer now has 2 options;
1. Credit the remaining half hour towards a 2 hours visit the next month.
2. Pay the discounted hourly rate ($70) for this emergency visit and retain the second scheduled visit for the month on the 3rd Wed.

Depending on your companies needs, additional visits per month or length of visit can be expanded. The standard Discounted Small Business Rate for contract holders is $85/hour, a $15 per hour discount for two 1.5 hour visits.  This Plan can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific business.

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