Off-Site Storage / Backup


When it comes to protecting our most valuable computer data, most of us know we should be making regular backups, as system failure, break-in or catastrophic event would cause immeasurable hardship. Even with this knowledge many of us live through each day without performing a backup for important company information such as accounting data, customer databases, documents and digital photos. It’s time for all of that to change.

C3 San Diego is proud to offer it’s customers the ability of implementing an off-site backup solution. This service plan combines the implementation of nightly Onsite backups and an Offsite backup via the internet for important company files. This combination of both On and Offsite backup allows us to keep our prices low, as the amount of data transferred Offsite is minimized.

How it works:

C3SD will provide a consultation regarding your network setup to determine the best backup routine. Typically the server has already been configured as the data hub for company information; however in some cases a standard desktop machine will be selected. This machine contains data like your QuickBooks Company file, or ACT Database. An external hard drive will be installed and configured to create a nightly data backup image of this machine. This backup image can be used to restore the machine to its most recent backup, in the event of a virus infection or hard drive failure.

Some Offsite backup companies choose to backup this entire image, sometimes 20+ Gigabytes of data, warning you that your data must be protected in case of fire flood. What they don’t tell you is that this image can only be restored to the particular machine from which it was created. In most cases, after a catastrophic event your computers and office will be considered a loss. Insurance will cover the replacement of your hardware and software applications but in order to get your business back up and running you will need your most important data.

This is where C3 San Diego is able to offer lower pricing than our competitors. As pre-determined during the consultation specific directories containing this important information are selected for Offsite backup. This eliminates all the “Extra” data such as Temporary Internet and System files, keeping the data transferred Offsite to a minimum. Included with your selected tier plan is the option of configuring additional directories or recovering specific files remotely using the easy to navigate software. With the implementation of an Offsite backup plan you will have the confidence knowing that your important company information is safely secured.

For additional information and sample rates please download this PDF for review. Then Contact C3SD Inc. to discuss options to secure your company’s data.
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