Windows Server 2008 R2


The current state of Southern California’s business environment demands that businesses do more with less. Windows Server 2008 R2 is Microsoft’s premiere Server Operating System, providing state of the art serving capabilities to meet this need. When combines with Microsoft’s Virtualization technology, Hyper-V, C3SD Inc. can design and install a state of the art network built for the 21st century. 

One of the great features that set Server 2008 apart is the ability to only install and configure the services which your business uses on a day to day basis. This eliminates the overhead and creates a stream-lined experience.

One of the highly anticipated features of Server 2008 R2 is DirectAccess offering employees the experience of being seamlessly connected to the Corporate LAN anytime Internet Access is available.  This provides access to shared folder and internal websites while maintain full security using common security standard.  It also provides IT Management the ability to remotely install and manage a corporate machine without requiring it to return to the office.

For a full Server 2008 R2 feature set please see the Windows Server 2008 R2 Platform page.

For businesses that may not require the full feature set of Server 2008 Microsoft has released two additional products Windows Small Business Server and Windows Essential Server.  Although  neither have  reached its R2 release, they still provides many of the essential services business require including in house Messaging, intranet website, secure VPN and mobile device access.    

Windows Small Business Server 2011

Windows SBS was designed with the Small Business in mind and is meant to be used in an office environment with less than 75 employees.  It meets the needs of most Small business as it’s cost includes a copy of Microsoft Exchange and Windows SharePoint Services.

Windows Essential Business Server 2011

Primarily designed for Medium sized business Essential Business Server serves the market for businesses with between 75 and 250 employees.  Installed in a two (2) Server deployment the Essential Server provides access to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Windows SharePoint Services and System Center Essentials.

For Additional information please  use our Contact Page or visit the Microsoft Small Business Server Site.



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