Partner Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


C3SD Inc. offers its clientele Partner Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Partner Hosted provides the following benefits over CRM 2011 Online

  1. A platform that offers the Client access to a Windows Server 2008 Desktop that can be used to run CRM Call-Outs / Plug-ins and install 3rd party application.
  2. Provides a deployment of CRM 2011 integrated with SharePoint 2010.
  3. Optional integration of Microsoft Exchange 2010.
  4. Optional integration of the CRM 2011 Customer Portal or your Company websitee

A Partner Hosted deployment offers our clientele the same benefits of an on-site deployment however we utilize the Software-As-A-Service model to allow the Client to pay on monthly basis for the service required.  At any time a Partner Hosted deployment can be moved on-premise in very little time with no loss of data.

 CRM 2011 Partner Hosted vs CRM Online


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