Updated C3SD Inc. Support Procedure – May 31, 2013


On May 31st C3SD Inc. will be upgrading the way Support Request are accepted and processed.  As a company I have decide that is now time to move to centralized method of logging and tracking tickets to ensure that all Support Requests receive the correct resources and are resolved in a timely manner. This decision was made for a number of reasons including:

  • Most vendors that provide technical support use a Ticketing System including: Microsoft, Adobe, ATT & Time Warner
  • Ticketing allows multiple people to support the same Request and stay apprised of its status
  • Ticketing allows the Client to track the current phase of a Support Request

The following flowchart provides an overview of the new support process that will stay true to support response times as outlined on page one of a C3SD Inc. Service Level Agreement.

Main Changes to be Aware of:

  1. All requests for Support will require the Client open a Support Request
  2. A Support Request can be made via the C3SD Inc. Service Portal (https://support.c3sd.com) or by sending an email to itsupport(at)c3sd.comPlease Note:  A user must authenticate once via the Portal to activate the submittal via email option.   While no longer required, it is strongly suggested that users follow the steps provided from the Welcome Email to create a Portal Account.
  3. Support Requests MUST include the Desktop Number or Server for which service is being requested.  Failure to include may delay the time required to resolve a Support Request and will automatically void the response times outlined in the SLA.
  4. The support line may be used in an Emergency or to follow up on an open Service Request.  Beginning on June 3rd, an issue will not be considered for resolution unless a Service Request Ticket Number has been provided by the system.  Please understand, this policy has been enacted to ensure that verbal request are not forgotten or slip through the cracks as they have in the past, as all Open Tickets tracked in the system will be addressed in a timely manner.
  5. Each Support Request will receive its own Ticket Number and resources will be assigned to resolve that issue.
  6. The email address mike(at)c3sd.com will be removed from service.  Michael(at)c3sd.com will be provided, however requests for support sent to this address will be kindly reminded to submit a request via the Portal or itsupport(at)c3sd.com.

Over the next few days the IT contact or managers from your company will receive an email with information on signing up to access the Support Portal.  That invitation will be valid for 14 days and it is suggested that each user take 5 minutes to establish their account.   Upon completion the IT Contact or Manager will be able to begin submitting request through the Portal or via an email request.

About The Support Portal

C3SD Support Portal

The portal itself, available at https://support.c3sd.com contains four sections that are clearly documented:

  • FAQ’s – Answers to questions about how the Portal works & How to submit a Request
  • Knowledge Base  – Searchable KB with answers to common IT issues, also allows KB articles to be emailed to any email address
  • Contact Us/ Portal Access – Form for requesting Portal Access
  • Support Requests – Area to Submit and Track Service Requests

When to open a Support Request versus sending an email to a C3SD Tech.
The question to ask yourself is: Do I need this issue resolved in a timely manner?  If the answer to that question is Yes, and you would like the issue resolved as per your Agreement response times then a Service Request will need to be opened and a Ticket will be assigned.  If you simply have a question, for instance you would like a recommendation on a new Laptop to purchase, or need to know how to open Office docs on your iPAD, then please feel free to send an email to Michael, Scott or Ryan and we will typically respond by the next business day.

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If you have any further questions please let me know,

Michael A. Surmanian
C3SD Inc.

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